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Venezuelan Brass Ensemble / DVD Euroart, Berlin 2007 / Leonardo Mendez, Ensemble Managing Director

Actualizado: 21 ene 2022

From the Konzerthaus, Berlin

Thomas Clamor, Conduct

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The Venezuelan Brass Ensemble – a highly-acclaimed group with nearly 50 brass and percussion players drawn from the extraordinary Simón Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. The repertoire of the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble is a regular firework display of ambitious pieces for massed brass - impressively varied and testifies to the high standard of this young ensemble. The Ensemble is both a miracle and an inspiration to all. With their blend of classical and South American repertoire these some 50 young brass and percussion players not only have audiences on their feet but with a scintillating display of brass music demonstrate a virtuosity and a passion that is nothing short of awesome.

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